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10,00 € iva escl.
We recommend Backframe as a wall support especially for thin and flexible panels made of hard-foam, forex or aluminium. Glued to the rear side it stiffens the wall mounted panel. Extremely convenient is the leveling system allowing to adjust the mounted panel up to 10mm. Your panel will always hang straight without drilling new wall holes.

1 set = 2 silver aluminium profiles, 2 plastic edge connectors, needed quantity of leveling wall hooks
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FBAFSA3 set for 297mm (A3) set02 10,00 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAFLA3 set for 420mm (A3L) set02 11,70 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAF500 set for 500mm set02 14,90 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAFSA1 set for 594mm (A1) set02 16,90 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAF700 set for 700mm set02 18,40 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAFLA1 set for 841mm (A1) set02 22,00 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAF1000 set for 1000mm set02 25,60 € iva escl. disponibile
FBAF1400 set for 1400mm set02 33,50 € iva escl. disponibile


backframe stop hook

backframe stop hook

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chiave professionale 2mm gialla

chiave professionale 2mm

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