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269,90 € iva escl.
The creative way to make 3d freestanding or hanging elements. 100% Customizable with printed fabric, components available in standard sizes or customized lengths for free form composition. Quick and easy
tool-free assembly. Instantly replaceable prints. Possibility to cover columns and create customized counters by setting a rigid panel on the top side. Optional internal illumination. Silver matt anodized aluminium profiles
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CUBOX3X1 cubox 1000x1000x1000mm pz 269,90 € iva escl. disponibile
CUBOX3X2 cubox 2000x2000x2000mm pz 455,30 € iva escl. disponibile
CUBOXSQUARE cubox 3000x2500x350mm pz 520,20 € iva escl. disponibile


Cubox Lamp

Cubox Lamp

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Cubox Suspension

Cubox Suspension

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