fisso shot


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fisso shot
mount it quick as a shot! elegant spacer with push system for extremely quick fixing of panels. wall mount the stainless steel spacer, put the head through the panel and click in place by simply pushing the head. with fisso shot you can stagelessly fix panels with different thicknesses. the innovative systems allows the exchange of panels without any tools: the clever spacers simply opens by pushing the head. fisso shot is perfect for applications that need to exchange panels of small and bigger sizes frequently.

- clamp panels with 2 up to 8mm
- extremly quick panel exchange
- flat head made of high-grade stainless steel with facetted surface
- innovative system: panel exchange without tools, just by pushing the head

- material: stainless steel with white jacket in synthetics
- diameter head 23mm, wall distance panel 32mm
- for panels with thickness 2-8mm
- max. load: 5kg