smart floor


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smart floor

smart floor is best for often exchange information. the frameless poster pockets are placed at the needed height and then simply mounted directly to the profile with the thread cutting screws. the poster pockets open on the side or completely. thus the information exchange is easy and quick. the frameless presentation, the flat pocket and the lean design put forward what really counts: your information!

- frameless and dust-protected
- resistant polycarbonate die-cast
- flexible for pocket position and configuration
- double-side upgradeable

- poster pockets made of transparent polycarbonate die-cast
- rear side white ABS with silver anodized aluminium cover
- silver matt anodized aluminium extrusion
- metal base with synthetic cover

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MGFS1500 only structure, 1500mm pzas. 106,20 € iva excluido disponible
MGFS1800 only structure, 1800mm pzas. 114,00 € iva excluido disponible
SMF3A4H 3xA4 horizontal pzas. 215,70 € iva excluido disponible
SMF2A3V 3xA3 vertical pzas. 221,80 € iva excluido disponible
SMF4A4H 4xA4 horizontal pzas. 249,60 € iva excluido disponible
SMF4A4V 4xA4 vertical pzas. 249,60 € iva excluido disponible
SMF3A3H 3xA3 horizontal pzas. 275,70 € iva excluido disponible
SMF3A3V 3xA3 vertical pzas. 275,70 € iva excluido disponible
SMF4A3H 4xA3 horizontal pzas. 329,60 € iva excluido disponible

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