signcode table



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signcode table
signcode table: the convenient name plate, information display and pubblicity space for conferences, office, price tagging in show cases, shop windows and counters. in just one turn you easily switch from "open" to "closed" or a pubblicity. signcode table with its three customizable sides provides you with a 3-in-1-product. the exchange of the information is done in no time at all: open with the key one side cap and take it off, pull out the transparent cover, insert the new print and the cover, put side cap on - done! the safety lock makes signcode table tamper-proof. the profile is silver matt anodised aluminium and the side caps are available in many trendy colours.

- easy information exchange system - for materials with max. 1,5mm thickness
- paper information is perfectly protected with the transparent cover
- thanks to the safety lock system your information is tamper proof
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