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fisso flag
smart, flexible and versatile: with fisso flag new creative ways for the flag and ceiling signage will open up for you. panels of all kinds of materials are fi xed to the aluminium profile directly. with the flag joint the system extends modularly. thus you will easily implement systems of all sorts.
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FFJ600 fisso flag joint 600 pzas. 0,00 € iva excluido disponible
FFG150 fisso flag pzas. 17,00 € iva excluido quantità su richiesta
FFG300 fisso flag 300 pzas. 20,50 € iva excluido quantità su richiesta
FFJ450 fisso flag joint 450 pzas. 21,50 € iva excluido disponible
FFG450 fisso flag 450 pzas. 25,50 € iva excluido quantità su richiesta
FFJ900 fisso flag joint 900 pzas. 36,80 € iva excluido disponible