fisso micro


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11.00 € escl. vat.
fisso micro
for panel mounting without wall distance: put the fixing with o-ring on the panel, wallmount panel and fixing, click on the decorative cap - done. material: plated brass. wall distance: 0mm. sign thickness: free. Ø15mm

- robust aluminium or plated brass
- choice of trendy colours
- quickly mounted decoration cap
- economic and good looking
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article number product name S.U. single price availability quantity  
FAL1500ARSET08 silver matt set08 11.00 € escl. vat. available
FMI1500CMSET08 chrome shiny set08 27.20 € escl. vat. available
FMI1500GDSET08 gold shiny set08 29.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request
FAL1500AR silver matt box40 55.00 € escl. vat. available
FMI1500CM chrome shiny box40 136.00 € escl. vat. available
FMI1500GD gold shiny box40 145.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request