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22.90 € escl. vat.
fisso budget fastener
economical, for pre-assembly. in the workshop signs and panels can be pre-assembled and fastened between wall spacer and centerpiece. on site mark the wall holes and place the dowels. mount the sign to the wall and press on the deco-head. for easy mounting: screw can move slightly in the spacer allowing to compensate defiance of the boreholes in the wall. mounting: screwsystem with deco-head, for pre-assembly, easy, quick, low-budget. material: brass, wall spacer nickel-plated, deco head brass gold-, silver- or chrome-plated. wall distance: 20mm. sign thickness: max. 12mm. Ø15mm
order options
article number product name S.U. single price availability quantity  
FBUD1520ARSET04 budget satin silver set04 22.90 € escl. vat. quantities on request
FBUD1520CMSET04 budget chrome set04 28.00 € escl. vat. available
FBUD1520GDSET04 budget gold set04 30.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request
FBUD1520AR budget satin silver box40 229.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request
FBUD1520CM budget chrome box40 280.00 € escl. vat. available
FBUD1520GD budget gold box40 300.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request

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