signcode side parts, 297mm (h)


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7.90 € escl. vat.
signcode side parts, 297mm (h)
Side parts made from silver matt varnished (version AR) resp. solid coloured synthetics. We are also providing other colors on demand. Important tip: With our system you can simply exchange the color guidance directly on the mounted signs anytime after.
order options
article number product name S.U. single price availability quantity  
SCST297AC side parts, 297mm, anthracite set02 7.90 € escl. vat. available
SCST297YE side parts, 297mm, yellow set02 7.90 € escl. vat. quantities on request
SCST297LG side parts, 297mm, light grey set02 7.90 € escl. vat. available
SCST297WH side parts, 297mm, white set02 7.90 € escl. vat. available
SCST297AR side parts, 297mm, silver set02 13.40 € escl. vat. available