set infoquick & midi



34.00 € escl. vat.
set infoquick & midi
infoset with slide-in pocket: exchange quick and easy. information exchange anytime without any tools, fast and easy? that's no problem with the slide-in pocket of infoquick. the infoset comes in four sizes, completely with 2 or 4 fisso midi spacers, silver or chrome including screws and dowels. mounting: plug-interlocksystem, tamper-proof. material: spacers: brass. wall distance: 21mm.
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SETIQA6CM set A6 + midi chrome (L2) pc 34.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request
SETIQA6AR set A6 + midi silver (L2) pc 35.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request
SETIQA5CM set A5 + midi chrome (L2) pc 41.00 € escl. vat. quantities on request

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