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10.90 € escl. vat.
glassnox is the perfect signage for the modern ambience! thanks to its clever design every information can be exchanged quickly and easily. the covers made of crystal blue acrylic or tempered glass are simply pushed upwards to open the frame. the extra flat frame in brushed stainless steel gives your presentation a trendy look. all glassnox products can be also mounted with special adhesive tape to smooth surfaces. glassnox is perfect for the elegant signage as well as for the frequent exchangeable information.

- long living and durable materials: stainless steel, acrylic
- timeless and classy: suitable for every ambience
- tension spring system: easy and quick information exchange
- shadow gap: elegant look and trendy design
- flexible: design the layout and simply print on paper

- front cover made of crystal blue acrylic
- elegant shadow gap thanks to the synthetic mounting support
- wallmounting material incl.
- brushed stainless steel frame with spring-loaded system, white coated aluminium panel, frame thickness 8mm
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order options
article number product name S.U. single price availability quantity  
GLNAD glassnox adhesive box10 10.90 € escl. vat. quantities on request
GLNR148105SY 148x105mm (hxw) pc 41.90 € escl. vat. quantities on request
GLN148148SY 148x148mm (hxw) pc 49.90 € escl. vat. quantities on request
GLNR210148SY 210x148mm (hxw) pc 56.50 € escl. vat. available
GLNR297210SY 297x210mm (hxw) pc 68.90 € escl. vat. available
GLN297297SY 297x297mm (hxw) pc 85.30 € escl. vat. quantities on request
GLNR210420SY 210x420mm (hxw) pc 92.90 € escl. vat. quantities on request
GLNR420297SY 420x297mm (hxw) pc 123.90 € escl. vat. available