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39.00 € escl. vat.
monsterframe profile silver anodized aluminium extrusion Ø50mm
monsterframe for giant prints. the absolute best for your big prints destined for out-of-home campaigns. it has a simple banner attachment system for banners made of pvc or vinyl material destined either for outdoor or indoor environments. avantgarde design and high quality best describe this extremely solid and durable product, each and every part may be used again and again. the banner can be attached or removed by a single person, without having to dismantle the structure and without the need for special tools. contact us for more details.

please note that for outdoor large-format frames the wind load is increasing with height and size of frame exponentially. furthermore irregular building faces can lead to stack-effects and higher wind loads than flat walls. in general every application must be checked for suitability by the mounting personal. neither the dealer nor the manufacturer guarantee or can be made liable for improper installation and application. all the flexible fixings (expander and rubber cable etc.) are wear parts and need to be controlled regularly. the indication for bannersize have to be respected strictly.
for the use of monsterframe structures outdoor we recommend net vinyl (mesh) with a max. 250g/m², with system angelframe pvc banner with 440g/m². indoor frames with smaller sizes can be equipped also with pvc material of higher g/m².
for outdoor structures please consider and calculate the impact of sun and heat that can lengthen the banner and influence the stability. please contact us for more details, we are happy to assist you.
use our monsterframe-tool to configure your own structure. TOOL

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